Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cultivating Hospitality

Hospitality.... it's a huge thing on my heart. Back at FIRE Church, our awesome pastor, would speak on this topic regularly. In fact, FIRE's logo is "Loving God, Building Community, Changing the World." Many Sundays he would end his message with a challenge to invite someone over to dinner.

The hubs and I tended to take this challenge to heart. Nothing is more fun then having a rowdy group of people sitting around your table, eating good food, and having a down to earth challenging conversation. Of course, follow that up with dessert and a game, and you've officially filled my social love tank up!

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So, why is it so difficult to find other people who will dare to invite you over?

I've spent many hours pondering over this, probably too many hours. I've come up with all sorts of theories and excuses.

~ my house isn't clean, pretty, or perfect enough to have someone over
~ I don't have my own life together enough
~ I don't have enough money to invite someone over
~ my kids might be too rowdy or out of control to actually have a conversation
~ our schedule doesn't permit it
~ I get nervous talking to other people
~ I'm not a good cook

The list can go on and on, trust me.

Now, I've introduced you to a book that kick started me into growing in hospitality, today I want to introduce you to a blogger that I've been following for a few years now. Her name is Hannah and she blogs at a few different venues. Her main blog is called Cultivating Home. What I enjoy about her is that even in her writings, she invites you into her home and encourages you in a Godly lifestyle. If you are looking to grow in hospitality, you may find a few challenging points here. In the meantime, check her out and enjoy!


  1. ok, I am going over to Amazon right now to buy it! :)

  2. laughed as I read what Fire's logo is. CLA's vision statement is "Love God, Love People, Change the World."