Friday, February 25, 2011


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I'm concluding my series on Enjoying the Journey, I hope that as you have been reading along it has spurred you to think and pray about your own life. Are you finding true joy? Do you know the One who brings Hope? When you examine your life, do you find that you are always unsatisfied? Is the glass half empty?

Or are you learning to become satisfied.....

What I have discovered about choosing to Enjoy the Journey of life, is that as long as we are doing what God has instructed us to, then we will be satisfied! This is true, even when we are in circumstances that are not what we had anticipated or "planned" on.

When we make the choice to enjoy wherever we are at then we can allow our hearts to be teachable. Yet another thing I have learned in life, we must have teachable hearts! Side note, I'm pretty sure I just heard a groan or two from some former college girls who lived with me! Poor friends, I definitely talked enough about that with them!

Moving on....

I think it is important to understand that even in choosing to enjoy the journey of life, we have bad days, moments, and weeks. We have times where our circumstances are overwhelming and no matter how hard we try, we end up asking, "Why God?"

I do believe walking in thankfulness and joy is an overall attitude. No one is perfect.

Also, it is important to still dream and still ask the Lord for those things in which He has promised us. Will I be a missionary? Absolutely. In His time.

If I focus on what I don't have, I will never appreciate what He has given me. I want to dig into the season and part of life I am in right now. Outside of salvation, the best gifts God has given me is my family, my men young and old! I love them. I love being a mama, watching them grow, taking each day in deeply. I don't want to miss out on any moments of joy with them!

When I set aside my own desires and dreams and I drink in what I do have, I find that I am satisfied. My prayer for you, is that as you walk the journey of life, you too will find yourself satisfied right where you are at and that you will find Hope.


  1. Oh how I needed to read this today :-) I love your writing dear friend. You are very inspiring, and it is so nice to know that other women are thinking and feeling similar things.

  2. This was beautiful. :) And so encouraging and inspiring. I'm so grateful to have read this insight from the Lord through you over some diy or decorating post while drinking my first cup of coffee. I feel like my heart just switch gears this morning. Love you.