Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homemade Hospitality - Giveaway

When I was newly married and newly saved, my husband and I belonged to a wonderful small group. Truthfully, I don't think our marriage would have survived, had it not been for that small group. We learned so much about Christ, ourselves, and what He had intended for us as a married couple.

During our years in small group, one of the things that grew in us was hospitality. Oh, did my husband and I LOVE to have people over for dinner, games, and more. After awhile we ended up having people live with us. It started with my mom and then during our years in NC, we hosted 11 different college age girls.

Right now, it is just the kids and us. I'll be honest, I am already yearning to have someone live with us again. My heart LOVES to encourage others. I can't help but enjoy living life with other people!


Hospitality is a gift. It is one that you CAN grow in. It is also a gift that anyone can have. I, personally, think that hospitality is a choice.

Here are some of my own opinions on hospitality...

1. you do not have to be rich to have people over
2. you can be in the middle of renovating a home and still make it feel warm and inviting
3. people really just want to be listened to
4. when you listen to others you are seriously showing them Christ's love
5. you'd be surprised at how much people love a simple meal and sitting at a table with a family
6. no one has it all together.... no one
7. there are too many excuses to not have someone over
8. those excuses are not from God
9. as Christians, we need to step it up and start showing tangible love
10. I've got a great book to help get you started....

Back when I was in small group, I had a friend of mine give me a book called, Homemade Hospitality by Barbara Sims. I have to chuckle, because I am sure that she doesn't know just how much that book spoke to me. It's a simple book, grandmotherly like, with wonderful little hints of how to just make your home a place that is welcoming. This book inspired me that I could have people over even if my house was old, run down, in process of renovations, far from perfect, and more.

I'm doing a giveaway. One copy of Homemade Hospitality for one of YOU!

Here are the rules to enter....

Leave a comment by doing one or all of the following:
1. Entry #1 - become a reader of mine. This is easy, you can sign up through Google Reader or Network blogs. If you are already a reader of mine - then just tell me that!
2. Entry #2 - blog about this. Go ahead... tell all your friends about this little giveaway. And you will get another chance to win this book.
3. Entry #3 - Facebook about it... now, c'mon on friends. I have almost 500 of you on Facebook.

There you have it! You have up to three chances to enter this giveaway!

The giveaway will close on Thursday night, February 4, 12 pm eastern standard time.

Here is the disclaimer boring part...... I am not working for Barbara Sims or any sort of book company, etc. I am literally buying this book on my own and will mail it to you out of my own moolah. Why? Because I really like the book and I want to see others encouraged and hospitable! That is it!

Also, this giveaway is open to US residents only.

I'll randomly pick the winner on Friday, February 5th.


  1. This is such a great idea Becky! I have found that people really do enjoy just coming over, having a meal, and sitting around the table talking. I always used to feel pressured like I needed to plan some type of real entertainment or activity and now I know I can just relax and spend the evening fellowshipping.

  2. I'll be the first entry. I'm on my iPod right now so I can't enter the other ways. Hopefully I remember to blog and facebook about it because I could really use the book right now.


  3. Jaimmie Hufford DresslerFebruary 2, 2011 at 9:00 AM

    Entering your contest. Keep doing what you do by inspiring others. It's so much fun to open your home to others for good times, great food and fellowship! God Bless! :)

  4. I'm already on your followers' list - in fact, for this new blog, I think I was your first :)

    I'm sharing on FB, cuz I like to share, I like you and I LOVE the spiritual gift of Hospitality!

    And I'm posting about this tomorrow on my blog, linking to the give-away.

    You are one of the most hospitable spirits I know. You are a warm, generous-hearted, true people lover and a perfect example that hospitality is a spiritual gift that goes with you everywhere - it's NOT just about having folks into your home!!


  5. I already follow you but I am posting it on my bloggy blog!!!! I lack hospitality big time.

  6. I blogged. I really want to win.

  7. ok i have shared your link and follow you now :))

  8. I could really use this book! I am a follower of you in my google reader! :)

  9. ok, I just FB about this - but I cam confused about when this giveaway ends - yesterday or today? The dates don't match the day of the week! :)