Monday, February 21, 2011

New Years Goals

It's the middle of February and I really, seriously have an issue with making a New Years Resolution. I am especially bothered by the commercialism that is involved with it all. So you'll never find me writing or discussing some sort of resolution at the beginning of any year.

What I do find fun, is the thought process of challenging myself to something and seeing a change. I also love the thought of starting fresh, with some sort of a clean slate.

A couple bloggers have set a challenge for each month of the year. Their challenges are small and simple things that they can do to make changes either in their finances, meal planning, housework, etc.

That sounded fun to me. So I decided to set a monthly challenge, something simple and easy to try and accomplish.

January - I successfully tackled bread making. This may be an easy one for some of you but it wasn't for me. However its February and I am still making our own bread! I love it!

February - I've challenged myself to make $50.00. It's a little financially rough for us, as I am sure it is for most of you too. My husband and I have made a very firm decision that I will not work out of the home, we will homeschool, and he will be the main bread winner. We cut corners in every aspect of our life.... most of the time joyfully. However, I've been feeling the urge to help out somehow. So this month I've sold coupons on Ebay and a few things on craigslist. I'm almost there in my challenge and hope that I will do more then that in the future!

March - sew, sew, sew. The sewing machine is up and plugged in. All my material is finally sitting under the table, but have I done anything yet??? Nope and it's time to get back on the horse.

April - garden! I've been reading (in all my spare time) about gardening. I've gardened in the past, but this year my goal is to garden veggies with a purpose for preserving them (mostly freezing) for the fall and winter. While I have this goal set for April, I'm already planning, reading, thinking, and getting excited.

That is all I've got so far. I love the idea of challenging myself to something small each month. What about you? Do have any small challenges or changes you are making to your life?


  1. I have challenged myself to read 2 books each month for myself and one chapter book each month with the boys (mainly my 6 year old) - so far, I have made my goal for January, and I plan on blogging about has just been a little busy around here! Anyway, have you heard about Square Foot Gradening? The newer edition is the better one to read "The All New Square Foot Gardening" book? I read that in January, and I am going to plan on trying this technique out this year! I am planning on gardening more for eating as we go along, not canning. I have never canned and I dopn't know how to do that yet! :)

  2. Girl,

    You go on the book reading. I decided to start reviewing books mostly so I could get myself back into reading again. So I am reviewing for Tyndale and another local author. I'm excited about the opportunities.

    As for SFG - I haven't read it, but am aware of the concept. We are lucky since we have so much land. I have a huge garden already plowed and will have the space to plant much. HOWEVER, I just started dreaming of a greenhouse.... in which I would use the SFG concept. And then I could have year round fresh veggies growing.... I am ambitious. But we eat soooo much fresh fruit and veggies.

    Also, I won't be canning any sort of veggies (well maybe tomotoes). I'll either freeze OR .... ready for this.... I'm going to have C help me put together a root cellar!

    I'm so excited!

  3. Book Reviewing - that is awesome!

    SFG - you should really check this out, even for the area that you planned, before you go plant it out - it may be something that you want to incorporate into the area that you have plowed...and then again, maybe not! It just seems like it is less work that the typical row system - just something to think about! I have not done it yet, only read the book. A greenhouse would be awesome, yes indeed...and the root cellar! Oh, I just think that you guys are so awesome! You will have to tell me all about it!!!! :)

  4. You two gardening go-getters make me smile. This isn't a passion of mine right now but I admire it.

    Maybe in March - or sometime when my schedule improves (there is hope) you can teach me how to use my sewing machine???