Saturday, November 5, 2011

Well, Now Hand me a Paint Brush, Will Ya?!!!

Writing this week has reopened that right brained, creative thinker, artistic side of me again. Whew.... now, I want to drop all responsibilities, send the kiddos off to grandmas for like 3 days, and whip out paints and canvases and worship music and good coffee...

Or maybe get my sewing machine out and finally sew a skirt that I've had on my mind for, like, forevah.

Of course, after I wrote my Just Peachy post, then I started looking at my walls and imagining a cool gray color  with my white curtains and my white framed pictures. A slight bit of hope rose up inside of me. Perhaps we can approach our landlords with the idea of painting???

This morning, I was out power walking and I saw the mist rising off of the creek. I watched a doe sprint behind someones house and a ground hog take cover as I whisked by. It was so cold out, I was afraid my legs were going to turn into popsicles. No worries though, they are well insulated.

Still, between a few entries on my old blog, a trip to the food store BY MYSELF, and a cold hard walk this morning, my brain and body are feeling alive today. I have a little extra joy and hope.

Not to mention that my house is full of life, with my own family and another sweet young couple and their baby girl. I can't help it, I love lovin on others. It's who I was created to be.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all. And thanks for the many comments, emails, and general encouragement on my return to the blog world. You made this girl feel loved!

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