Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just an Opinion

You could shake a finger at me for how little I keep up with the news. I scan CNN a couple times a week, barely ever actually sit down and watch a news program, and I confess, I read a newspaper about 3 times in a month.

With all that said, I don't think you could possibly live in the state of Pennsylvania without knowing of the secret horrors that were unveiled regarding Penn State this week. Shock and sorrow are just two words that come to mind right now.

I've been reading an allegorical story to my kids about a kingdom, a hero, a princess, and a King. In the story, the princess makes a very unwise decision and chooses to go against a kingdom rule. Because of her choice, a consequence occurred that affected everyone that lived in that Kingdom, much like what is going on at Penn State. One man has done horrid things and a web of others who have made wrong choices in how to deal with those awful acts have affected an entire school, football team, and community.

Yesterday I was praying over my youngest boy. I love this child, as he is quite a little busy baby and refuses to be contained! I was praying many things, but suddenly the word: integrity gripped me. I began speaking that word over all three of my boys, my husband, and myself. I was praying that we would walk with integrity, that all that we do would be done in truth and with love.

I have no words for the man who did the ultimate crime in the Penn State case right now. But for all the others that had an idea of what might have been going on, I'm appalled. One choice to look the other way, one measly attempt at sharing information did not just hurt precious children, but so many others.

We have more power in our hands then we recognize. When we choose to not walk in truth, we are risking not only ourselves but a whole kingdom of other people.

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