Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Peachy

Well we did it again. We moved.

I'm beginning to become a professional at packing and unpacking. My kids are beginning to become professionals at looking at houses and deciding which room is theirs. For Pete's sake I'm certain that my brother in law should consider becoming a professional mover as a side job for the amount of times he has helped move just me!

We've been in our newest abode for a month now. I'm in love with its insulation. For real. I think the last time I lived in a house that was fully insulated was when I was a teen. I'm really not joking. I could make a poem up about it all. Sweet insulation, how I love thee.... but that would be dumb.


So the older kiddos are playing outside right now, while the Little General is taking a mid afternoon siesta. Which might I add, is the sanest part of my day, nap time that is. And I've been running around the house doing dishes and laundry and sweeping crumbs up off the floors.

The next best part of my house is that it has no carpeting throughout the entire place! Oh do I ever love sweet already done, beautiful, real, hardwood floors. It makes sweeping so easy and cleaning too. I love them. We have a few rugs down but the main part of my house has gorgeous blonde hardwood floors. Shall I write you a poem about how much I adore them too?

As I was sweeping the few measly crumbs (yea right!) off of the dining room floor, the bare walls caught my eyes. And the feeling of dread came over me again. Of all the houses that I have ever lived in, this is the first house that has caught me off guard on how to actually decorate it. Other then a wall hanging in my living room, I still have not put one picture or painting or piece of artwork up in most of the rooms of my house.

I'm not sure what exactly is paralyzing me over it right now. Except that most of our walls are a bit on the peach side. So 1980's. And since we don't own this baby I can't exactly paint them.

I've been thinking about really crazy, outlandish sized canvases that I could purchase, with our limitless money, to paint on. Or gorgeous New York kinda fabrics that I could somehow swag on the walls. Major wall peelies... eww.

Anything... to get rid of the peach.

I'm sure that if I actually hung pictures up on the wall that the peach would begin to melt away and not be so prominent. But then I'd have to commit. I had a whole wall of white frames with family pics in them at our other house. But white frames with peach background makes me want to add the 1980's goose with the light blue bow around its neck. Anyone else remember that fad?

Which brings me right back to where we started. Stuck.

Maybe if I just don't look up it won't bother me....


  1. Maybe you could ask the landlord about painting them, and then all of your friends could show you all of the colors of leftover paint they have (so you may not even have to buy some), then you could have a painting party and it could get tackled and done in a weekend and be... not peach. :) Or maybe I just like to get excited...

  2. Yes, did you ask the landlords? I really don't know why they'd mind..? Maybe you can pick a neutral color and have them approve it before it's purchased? I know that peach would be killing my vision!
    Erin B.

  3. Next time I come over I'm wearing a mint green bridesmaid dress and some leg warmers. If we're gonna go 80's lets go all out. :)