Friday, November 18, 2011

Boy Chronicles

I love my boys! All three of them have the most hilarious and interesting personalities. Since we are in the season of thankfulness, here are a few of my most favorite things about my boys!

1. We went to the symphony today at the Forum in Harrisburg. Zman's first thing was to find Orion on the ceiling. EJ's courageous little heart answered two of the conductors question. There were hundreds of kiddos there! My mama's heart was filled with thankfulness for the opportunity to spend an hour listening to a live orchestra with all of my boys!

2. The Little General (aka Si) is very much into Curious George right now. He is captivated by the books and the show itself. I find it kind of fitting, as he is practically a monkey himself.

3. We returned to traditionally homeschooling this year, after our year of cyber school. I LOVE homeschooling my boys, even though I am racing after a turbo toddler. Zman has finally taken off with reading and I have to hold back tears every time he reads a book to me! What an honor it is to be my kiddos teacher!

4. EJ is preparing his heart to fill out his application for his first missions trip for next summer. I've been given the beautiful opportunity to be one of the leaders on this trip. Watching my first born's anticipation as he begins praying and dreaming about his first out of country trip is so overwhelming to my heart!

5. It's been 3 years since the last time we hosted Thanksgiving. This year we get to have all sorts of family over to our home. The two older boys are so full of excitement as they love to host as much as we do. It pleases my heart to see that it isn't just me who desires to have a home full of people sharing a meal together!

6. Zman is my little nature lover. He and EJ were out at the local Doll*r Gener*l, when he found another bow and arrow for a whole $2.00! And so he is currently running around the back yard attempting to target anything he can.

7. Boy #3 in our house has a few nicknames.... The Little General, Turbo Toddler, Patten, and Si Si. He is quite a demanding almost 2 year old. The best part of my day with Sire's is when he asks for me to "wok, mama, wok," also known as "rock me mama, rock me." Nothing compares to rocking away my youngest as he falls asleep in my arms.

I am eternally grateful for the little army God has placed around me. Who knew I'd be a mama of 3 little men!

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