Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dusting Off the Church

(The purpose of these posts are to encourage others to think. When speaking of the "church" or the "corporate body of Christ"  I am NOT referring to my church personally or any churches that i have been a part of.)

Clubs fail people. Programs fail people. They are both led by humans. There was only one perfect man who ever walked the earth, Jesus Christ. Which means we as humans will inevitably make mistakes. How we handle those mistakes determines a lot in who we are and even our expectations of others.

If we believe that the word of God is infallible, then we must conclude that our God will not fail us. So, in keeping with the discussion of club versus church, the previous sentence should lead us then to believe that cultivating a corporate time for the body of Christ to come together must always be Holy Spirit led. Correct?

A club mentality puts us in a position of following a set way of doing things, leaving little room for us to trust our God in leading us as a body of Christ. Man prefers a routine and a program, while the Holy Spirit prefers a genuine heart that is willing to move even when it feels a bit uncomfortable.

God wants to blow the dust off the church!

Not only does He want to breathe beautiful and amazing life into our corporate times but He also wants to blow the cobwebs out of our minds personally!

Every time I visit the ocean, I sit on the beach and inhale deeply. Salty clean ocean air permeates my mind, my heart, my body and cleans me. I feel refreshed, alive, and ready to take on whatever is before me next. Many times during my days as a stay at home mama, I find myself wishing for a breath or two of the sea breeze! This is what God wants to do individually to the body of Christ.

God wants to clean out the cobwebs, refreshing the body of Christ!

This is so exciting to me! There is a true sense of genuine joy and faithfulness from our Father when we trust Him and allow Him to be totally in charge. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, right? As long as we allow that Spirit, you betcha!

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