Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meals Around the Table

One thing my mom tells me all the time, is that she misses having people sit around her table for a meal. As a teen I remember my mom telling us to invite our friends over for dinner. She would cook something up and my brother, myself, and a few chosen friends would indulge in dinner and dessert and discuss various topics.

My brother loved throwing some sort of little bomb out there. I swear, at that age he got his kicks off of saying something that would get someones dander up. Within minutes of his contribution a full blown heated discussion would ensue. My bro would quietly be sitting in the corner watching and laughing.

Sitting around the table is one of my most favorite things to do, with or without food. I love conversing with others about life, being challenged, or challenging someone else's thought process. I love digging a bit deeper to see what is behind the initial facade we all walk around with. I love listening to someone's heart. I love to laugh deeply.

Tables are for

~ eating
~ schooling
~ art projects
~ finding out hard and sad news
~ laughing with others
~ watching children grow in front of your eyes
~ random moments of goofiness
~ Inquisitions of the heart
~ tears and hurtful conversations 
~ where a tough but meaningful, "I'm sorry" is said
~ people from other nations sit and share
~ tea and coffee drinking
~ perching laptops
~ life decisions made
~ childhood memories formed
~ families meet at
~ prayers are murmured
~ friends are treated at
~ morning bibles place at

A home should have a weathered and stained table in every kitchen. Because the heart of who we are, always ends up at the table.

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  1. AMEN. And is that your table at your house? Because it's stunning. :)