Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contact Sports

Don't let these baby blues deceive you, this child o mine is quite the little wrastler.

Recently, I've taken on a new sport. Skip the whole couch to 5k, or p90x, or zumba, I've got a 15 month old who thinks diaper changing should be a contact sport! The "Little General," as we jokingly call him, is pulling out all the stops these days with temper tantrums, screaming, and more when it comes to a change of pants!

My dear friend in NC, whom is pregnant with her 6th baby right now, tried to warn me that the third child is what makes or breaks you in the kid department. I shleffed her off when she would tell her warnings, thinking that baby #3 was going to be 5 years younger then his brother, I could handle this one. Plus, I had this mom thing down, right???

Okay, I admit it. I'll say it outloud and I'll write it for the world to hear.

 I. Was. Wrong.

Yeppers, I was wrong. Totally wrong. Just when you think you have the mom thing down, God throws a little monkey into the whole business and makes you realize that you always need daily grace in parenting.

The Little General, he can throw the charm on. Of course, he bats his baby blues, snuggles into my arms and plays bashful if you talk with him. But the minute I let him loose, he runs waving his hands up in the air like a chimp and yells loudly. If I pick him up, he screams ~ blood. curdling. makes your ears ring. screaming.

Non of my children ever screamed like this.

Please God, let non of my next children scream like this.

Of course, for as confident as I come off in parenting and what ever else you may think, when this babe is screaming and running around in say, a moms meeting at church during the guest speakers message, my mind plays tricks on me with the thoughts of others.

"Get that child under control..."
"Isn't that her third kid?"
"Do you think she knows what she is doing?"
"You are kidding me, she says she wants more?"

I choose to giggle to myself and keep a reminder of the fact that this too shall end. Even if I did strap him down to a chair or placed a leash on him, he'd still scream. In the meantime, I'm considering an investment in ear plugs and wishing for a little more success in the weightloss department as I tackle down my Little General!


  1. For the record I was not thinking any of those things and was simply thrilled to be able to see you this morning and exchange a hug.

    I know I don't have to tell you this but you are an amazing Mom and God chose you to be the Momma to your Little General. He definitely will mature into a strong leader whose heart is sensitive to the direction of the Lord.

    Meanwhile know that you have some real friends who will giggle with you and/or just listen when you need to talk. :)

  2. I echo TCC. I was elated to have you there today and I was hoping you got to hear the bits and pieces you needed. I was also admiring how well you do what I no longer have to do - chase a little one. What can you say? You were literally a Mom in Action! And we've ALL been there. Love ya!

  3. I would have to echo your friend in NC who said the third makes or breaks you. It's making you baby! It may have broke me, but not you!!! ha ha