Friday, March 25, 2011

Trying Something New

I started a new medication recently. I've been struggling with fibromylagia for 15 years now. Other then a one time stint with some naproxen, I've never taken prescription medication for it. The reasons are as long as my arm as to why.

However, once the hubs got his job here in PA, a nifty little thing called health benefits came along. With our aspiring hopes of missionary life and the ever so trusty economy, we decided that while we have the actual health insurance, I was going to deal straight up with my health issues. Off to the doctor I went, vials and vials of bloodwork done, and surprise... it was brought to my attention, that I may indeed live a happier life if I just for once tried a prescription medication. That and hey, I apparently am extremely vitamin D deficient.

Anyways, the point of all this is.. I'm taking a new med. The side effects include feeling dizzy and more then occasional napping with a small side order of sweating. Sounds fun, eh?

Except that for the first time in 15 years I am walking around with a substantial amount of less pain! No joke! I have energy. I am actually sleeping at night! I have less pain!

I wish I could explain to you in words how much living with less pain is effecting me right now. I don't like to talk about my body and the daily fight I have to actually get out of bed and live life. Especially, since I am a hands on, get to the root of life, kinda gal. Really who wants to listen to me complain and cry about it all. I want to enjoy life, so I just ignore it or talk about it once in awhile. (Actually my husband hears me complain the most.)

They say that the side effects of the meds tend to wear off after 2 months or so. Of course, there is more tests and doctors to see. I'm not placing all my money on this drug. I just know that for the first time in a very, very long time I feel better.

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