Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Being Real

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There is no one on earth that really will ever totally, ultimately get you. Our God is it. He is the One who will be there till the end of time.

Which means, I'm not going to hide from Him.

My children do not hide from me. They run to me, hug me and love me. They ask me to read to them and want to discuss everything from Lego's to God. They crave fun time and laugh heartily when tickled. Their little love tanks are filled the most when I curl up with them and hold them and then quietly speak into their ears, telling them how proud I am of them. They beg to be tucked in at night, with prayers said to Him above, and extra snuggles.

I'm their imperfect mama. They love me and they get mad at me.

The morning after I prayerfully yelled at God, I stood in church holding my youngest in one arm and from the depths of me I was worshipping Him. I was singing about my adoration for Him and His for me. And while my soul was singing, my mind was processing that even though I was mad at Him the day before, He still loved me. And I Him.

I'm not telling you to be mad at our God. I'm not telling you to yell and stomp and be mean. Infact, I'm not even telling you that how I act is right. What I am telling you is, I think He wants us to be real with Him. I think He'd rather us talk it out and say it straight, then bottle it up and act as though what you are feeling is not really there. He has more patience and understanding then we ever will comprehend. He's never wrong. He can handle our melt downs, our exhausted fury of misunderstandings. He is strong and mighty.

Don't abuse Him but instead just be real with Him.

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