Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boundaries - His and Mine

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When I am mad at God, I have my boundaries. I never, ever swear, say hurtful things, blame everything on Him, dismiss Him, cheat on Him (with other gods), turn my back on Him, forget Him, or anything like that.

For me, when I am mad, I just tell Him. Sometimes I shout it. Sometimes I cry about it. Many times, I give a verbal trash can of why, ending in, "it's not fair." Just to put it plainly, I act like a spoiled brat (just keepin er real here). But, I don't disrespect Him. I don't unload filth on Him. He is STILL God.... and He deserves the respect and adoration regardless of my situation.

He is such a gentlemen when I am mad. I find that He is ...

~ quiet
~ understanding
~ always right
~ full of grace
~ excited for me to get through this
~ my ultimate cheerleader
~ sad for me and the circumstance
~ firm with His own clear set of boundaries
~ peaceful
~ patient

No matter what He is good. My temper tantrum doesn't seem to last too long. I've already figured out that He isn't wrong in the situation. And yes, getting mad at Him doesn't really get me anywhere. But I haven't matured enough yet in my faith to not get mad. So, instead of bottling it up and pretending its not there, I choose to be real and deal.

While, I don't want to abuse Him, I am thankful that His patience is limitless.

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