Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Reality of Being Real

I admitted to you recently that I get mad at God. I have some close friends, we talk, we share, and many of us admit that its true sometimes we get mad at God. But for some of you, the thought of getting mad at God, the Creator of the Universe, is well, umm.... blasphemes.

I'd like to pose a thought process and have you mull it over.

Have you ever gotten together with a best friend for an afternoon? You sit down over a cup of coffee and before you know it an hour or more has gone by. During that time, you have discussed deeply about life, what is going on, how the children are, husbands, families, etc. You leave that conversation and you sigh, thinking, "she really gets me. We didn't even have to do the small talk of how the weather is. We just cut to the chase and went for the real stuff."

It's called being real. You skip the chit chat and you go straight for the hardy good life stuff.

If we do that with friends, why can't we do that with our God? Why can't we sit down and have a heart to heart?

God gets ALL of me. He created me. He knows me inside and out. He created me to be someone who needs to discuss things. The reality of being real with Him, is that God gets the depths of me good and bad. I'm just admitting what He already knows. I'm being real, with the best man in the whole world.

Up Next.... Who God is When You are Mad at Him

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