Friday, March 4, 2011

I Failed

I failed today....

I ate 6 chocolate chip cookies AND a peanut butter egg.

I yelled at my kids AND my husband for random things.

I had (and still am having) a few arguments with God about the fact that a recent convo included the phrase "it's not about you (meaning me)," in it.

I failed today when....

I listened to a worship song that had to do with the lost and unsaved and my heart was gripped and my emotions welled up because I am stuck in the country side quietly when most times I want to be somewhere in the nations.

Then I gave myself a good beating because I KNOW this is where I am supposed to be and  many other days I am thoroughly thankful.

I failed today when...

I didn't believe my Z-man that he might really be sick to his stomach (because it was during chore time and he hates doing chores), so I handled it without any grace by making him take a shower and go to bed. I did pray with him and love him, but that was only after I got irritated. For the record, as far as I know, he's not sick, just over tired.

Oh, and when I stomped my foot and told my husband that I was tired of everyone in the house complaining about helping out around here and that they all got to do what they wanted today, why couldn't they just do what I wanted right now.... CLEAN THE HOUSE!

I just failed today...

I grumped out over issues in my head and projects that aren't being finished fast enough and never enough time or money to just get things done.

Yep, I failed.

Thankfully, He still loves me.


  1. Grace, friend. :) His grace is sufficient for the days when you think you've failed...and enough for me on the days when I think I've failed too. Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

  2. I <3 you. Seriously. Been there. Done that. Too many times more than I'd like to admit.

    Thankfully there is grace to get back up again and again and again if necessary.

    Praying for you to experience tremendous victory and breakthrough because that is what He has for you!