Sunday, March 6, 2011

And Then

I wrote my post about failing and I sat in my chair grumpy thinking that no matter how hard I try I just can't win. I try so hard, wanting to focus on the joy that is around me, set aside my own selfish desires, love my God even when I just don't understand Him, be thankful for all that I do have in the midst of all that I desire.

I pulled up my blog list to read and like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon came across this writer....

Chatting at the Sky

I sighed and relaxed as I read through her intro and a handful of her posts. I realized she might get me. She at least has been down some of the road I'm on.

And so, if you are like me, trying so hard to be thankful for where you are at, in the midst of circumstances that you don't always like, following a God whom you love with all your heart, but don't always understand His ways, feeling upside down and inside out with life.... well, then maybe you might enjoy this blogger too.
Who knows....

1 comment:

  1. Your last paragraph describes me right now for sure. Except, I'm not sure how hard I'm really trying to be thankful...I have a lot of things to work on. Just feeling kind of out of place in my life and yet, this is where I am and there's no where else for me to be... //Noelle