Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lessons in Teaching Little Boys to Shower Correctly

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Last week, I sent the boys in for their showers. While one was showering, I had a little thought that maybe I should ask the other (I will not say whom, so that I can protect his innocence) about his showering habits.

Me: Hey son, when you shower do you wash everything on your body?

Son: Oh, yes mama....everything!

Me (prying just a little further): Well that is good to hear. Um, do you wash your arms?

Son: Oh, yes mama, I wash my arms. (nodding his head emphatically)

Me: Good, do you wash under your arms?

Son: Ummm... I don't know. But I will now.

Me: (slight giggle) That is okay. Just remember to wash there too. Do you wash your legs and feet?

Son: Oh, yes mama, I wash my legs and feet (again nodding his head).

Me: How about your head and hair?

Son: Yes, yes! I wash my head and my hair!

Me: Well good.

And then, holding back any sort of giggling I could. I seriously asked the following question....

Me: Do you wash your butt?

Son: Of course mama! I wash my butt. Just not my butt crack!!!!!

That was all it took! I, myself, cracked! I began to giggle and then I laughed out loud! Trying my hardest to be somewhat serious, I explained to my sweet son, that indeed that might just be one of the most important places to wash and then sent him off to the shower.


  1. How cute! Michael has taken a couple of showers but needed help and then decided he really couldn't handle the water coming down on him, so we are back to baths. Our worst spot is the belly button - for some reason, he hates to touch it or have it touched!

  2. LOL - yeah, you gotta ask. The other day, my also nameless to protect the offender took a lightening quick shower. I mean, three minutes in and done. I asked the questionable party if they had used soap. Ummmm, I'm NOT kidding - they answered, "Uh. I think I used soap. I don't really remember."