Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Diesel, The Russian Spy Cat

Since we are on the topic of my cat, I thought you should know that Cory and I have been trying to figure out what accent the cat speaks in. We talk in depth about many other life altering issues, it's important to spice up our conversations with meaningless thought processes every once in awhile.

Moving on, the cat was born in the south and moved to the north. He's black, still has his claws, has a bit of an attitude at times, and looks as though he could stare down a tiger.

We just couldn't imagine him with a southern drawl.... he's too bad for that southern boy charm.

He definitely is not a northerner.... he hates the snow.

We couldn't see him Irish or Asian.

We did spend quite a long time trying to figure out if he sported a Spanish dialect. We had a rather large population of Hispanics where he was born at. But we just couldn't nail him down with that Skippy Jon Jones talk...

No, in the end we felt that he probably was more a Russian spyish sort of cat. Penetrating eye stares, hunting his prey, all while figuring out world domination.

His cover could be blown with the above pic. Of course, you can obviously tell that he is quite humiliated that a mini human was actually touching him. How dare he?

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  1. Heee heee heee. What fun. Mmmm, let's see. What is Maggie?

    I think she might be a Long Island diva princess. Oh. NO! Wait! Maybe an aging spoiled Southern belle, daughter of a huge plantation owner. Lots of attitude and very discerning in her tastes. Classy but snooty. Affection (or not) completely on her terms. Choosing only the very best seats in the house, regardless of who else intends to sit there.

    Yeah. That's it. Aging Southern belle. That's my Maggie....