Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Can of Great Stuff and One Curious Cat

Warning: This post is lonnnngg.... but in my opinion funny. 

Cory and I are known for how calm, cool, and collected we are. We have absolutely no idea where our oldest son gets his drama from....


Okay for real, my husband and I sometimes play off of each other when it comes to being a tad over dramatic at times. We should have grown up in New York or something, cuz we yell. Yep, I said it, the hubs and I yell at each other, the kids, and when in traffic at other drivers. Ask a few friends of ours and they will jokingly point the finger at both of us, when it comes to who can be the most passionate in a conversation (well, maybe they tend to point it at me.... nope, it's Cory, really!)

Anyways, last night's little shanigians was no exception.

I was harmlessly putting away a few things in the kitchen when I happened to find mouse turds. Let the record show, that in past houses when faced with mice I handled it okay (except for the time the cat dropped a live one in our bed and I literally flew from the bed to the top of the console tv (I've just aged myself) without touching the floor). But yesterday I did not fair too well. Mostly because when we first acquired the house, we literally took a shovel to get rid of dead bugs. We also found handfuls of mouse poop and literally a mouse skeleton in the wall. You do not want me to even continue on with the rest of what we found....

So with the all calmness set aside, I yelled at my husband to quick take care of it all and ooh.... I hope there aren't more mice in the house. He lifted a drawer out and found where the perp was coming from... stupid mice leave a poop trail. Cleaning the feces out, he then screened the area for any holes to the basement (another note - the house was built in the late 1800's - its a farmhouse, peeps.. mice is the least of our problems at times). Being the wise and wonderful husband, he grabbed a can of Great Stuff and sealed any sort of holes he could find.

Enter our ever so curious cat... Diesel.

Cory thought he should allow the stuff to dry and went to the basement to see if he could find any other openings. I, still feeling overwhelmed with the thought of mouse poop, was continuing my search for any other findings. The "Little General" aka, my youngest duderoo was ever so quietly screaming while one of the other boys was probably asking me a question or something. Get my drift... it was busy in my little world.

Diesel siezed the opportunity and stealthly went straight into the affected area. The night went from an already not so good one to a comedy scene during 8pm sitcom time.

There I am chasing a cat around the house, as he single handidly puts great stuff on my floors, while Si is crying and following me, and I'm yelling. The cat escapes outdoors, I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing sticky stuff off the floor while hubs finds the cat and ever so gently YELLS at me to help!!!

If the cat ingests the Great Stuff he could die from poisoning or something like that. Now I've got two little boys standing there with tears in their eyes exclaiming, "We don't want Diesel to die."

Oh. my. goodness.

Pan to all five of us (Si in the highchair) on the bare floor of the currently under construction family room, holding down the cat as hubs attempts to shave him. Just laugh here...

When we figured out that wasn't quite working then we dipped him into the sink and tried to wash him off with soap and olive oil. Banging my head against the wall right now...

The whole time, Cory and I are yelling at each other, the cat, the kids, and anything else that might be in our way.

When the cat arched his back and clawed his way out of the sink and took out everything in his sight with him, two out of three of our kids burst into tears.Which stopped the both of us dead in our tracks. We had to gain some control of the situation.

So we rinsed the soapy cat off, fluffed him up a bit and locked him in the bathroom to see if he was going to make it. By now the Great Stuff has solidified on him and Diesel is sporting a new look of black with yellow spots.

We hustled the boys off to bed, with prayers and cuddles and then cleaned some of the mess up, leaving the rest of it for the next day.

The cat??? Apparently he used one of his 9 lives yesterday and is working at getting the rest of the stuff off of himself.

The mice??? They don't know it yet, but we've set traps for those pesky little boogers.

The poop??? Everything that was near it has been bleached and cleaned with hot water. Gross...

The kids??? Have returned to normal and now think last night was funny.

The parents???? Could currently use a stiff drink.... but will choose to abstain and instead yell at each other when they feel like it.


  1. That. Was the best story of the craziness of life I've heard in a looooong time. Love you for keeping it real.

  2. Too funny! We had a similar incident when we were painting our old house. We had a cat who we lovingly named Tripps (because he would always trip us as we were walking up or down the steps. We were in the process of "flipping" our house. Mike was painting the livingroom (his favorite job - NOT!) The short of the long is...Tripps ran through the paint pan, Mike FREAKED out and yelled at the cat, the cat ran through the house, and we had cute little "Harvest Wheat colored" kitty paw prints EVERYWHERE!!!! Not all of the paint prints were able to be removed so we wound up with some interesting "conversation pieces" in our house when friends would come over.

  3. Love it! You could sooooooo be related to our family - you know the crazy passionate New Yorkers that say what they think and can tend to do it loudly. My MIL called me 'feisty'. :)

    FYI - those same loud, crazy people also give the best hugs ever.

  4. LOL - sounds like a regular night in our house. Not the poop and the mice and the Great Stuff. But the yelling and the drama and the chaos. We are not a quiet household. Ever. But we are consistent. I yell for happy, I yell for mad, I yell for dinner. I am a loud(er) person and I have a (partially) deaf daughter. Who also yells. Yeah, good times. :)

    Good luck on the ridding of the critters, tho.