Friday, February 4, 2011

Giveaway, Fav Mag, Saving Moolah

First stop what you are doing and sign up for my giveaway! Peeps, lets get real here, hospitality is the way to genuinely love people, right where they are at! I want to help you in that adventure. Go here, read my post and sign up. There are 3 separate ways that you can enter.

Second, I have a favorite magazine and today its on the cheap. I am a huge fan of ReadyMade. This magazine is simple and gives you great inspiration on how to make things out of what you have. There are not many mags out there that I would pay money for. But this is one, I am willing to spend a little change on. Today you can get a subscription for $2.99. For the record, I am not getting any sort of payment or recognition or whatever for this. I genuinely LOVE  this mag. Use coupon code READY at checkout and get this mag. You will not be disappointed.

Oh and at some point, which can't be now because I have to homeschool my children and answer my husband on a renovation project (gosh, said like Napoleon) I am going to brag about my Target trip yesterday in which I literally gave one woman a run down on how to use coupons and save crazy money. Even the kids were giggling at me!

Now go sign up for my giveaway!

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