Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Choice

If you've been following me for the couple of weeks, I've been discussing my latest deep lesson on learning how to Enjoy the Journey. You can begin at this post, if you're up for the challenge! In the meantime, I'll continue on with the next part.... The Choice

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This is my opinion and I'm sure I might get some "flack" for it. But we live in a society that really thinks  we shouldn't have to work hard. Everything should be given to us and if it isn't then, cue stomped foot, it isn't fair.

This applies to christians as well. It does. God tells us to do something and it doesn't line up with what we thought He told us in the past, so we throw our own little pity party with God. It's not fair. When are You going to come through. I thought You wanted us to do ....  and so on.

For the record, I have done this, too many times. I've cried. I've whined. I've found myself in therapy, depressed, on medication and in serious bouts of anxiety. I HATE that road. I despise that path. It stinks. And, I have friends and family, as well as a husband that can attest to all of this.

But God....

I love my God. I do. I won't depart from Him. He is the only One who brings me Hope. I love Him.

So, I want to enjoy Him too. I want to enjoy what He tells me to do, even when I don't completely understand it. I want to find joy in where He sends me, what He gives me, and especially what He teaches me.

Do I always choose the right path? Nope. I don't. But I do have a really neat God. Instead of letting me just live on the wrong path, He picks me up and brings me back to the crossroads. Often.

There I stand, again with my free will, and I look at the crossroads. Sometimes I involutarily find myself pouting, stomping my feet, crying, and whining.... "our circumstances stink. It's not fair. When are things gonna change?"

Other times, I stand firmly and I look at each path and I make my choice. I walk in Hope, I walk in Truth, and I choose to walk in JOY!

If you are still with me, I'll be finishing this series with a final post titled....Satisfied.

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