Saturday, January 29, 2011

Green Acres is the Place For Me

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When I was teen, I was living in a small town, with lots of farm life around. I didn't care for it and had this burning desire to live in a city. Anywhere.... just give me more life to see. I'm not going to apologize for it, because that was who I was at that time. And truthfully, I still LOVE big cities and all they have to offer.

Now, that I am older and I have three romping little boys. I have found myself drawn back to my roots. Country living. Oh, do I love it. I love the peace and quiet that comes along with it. I love looking out my window and seeing nothing but trees and birds. I love watching big fat snowflakes coming down and not having a snowplow racing by at the same time.

One of the best things that I love about living out in the country, is the ability to tell those rascals of mine to go outside and RUN! I'm one of those mamas who makes my kids do laps. Really, I do. When they are all wound up and getting some sort of school work done is impossible, I have them put their sneaks on and I send them outside. Then  I tell them to give me 5, 10, 15 or even more laps. At first, they roll their eyes at me, then they get out and do it. They come back in refreshed, out of breath, with clean cool country air in their lungs and they are ready to do whatever I ask them to. If not, they go back out for some more laps!

One day, my husband asked me, "what happened to the girl who wanted to live in a city?"

The answer was easy, God gave me three boys (and I hope some more)! Instead of whining and fighting my own desires, I decided to find joy in it all. Our family is supposed to be in the country right now. It's what is right for our kiddos. They need space to run around. They are supposed to chase the geese bare footed, with nerf guns in their hands. My kids are supposed to be able to build forts and slop in the creek.

For us, daily life includes children who can roam freely, dive into their imaginations, and appreciate that which only God has built Himself. For all this I am thankful!

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