Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clearance in the Poultry Aisle

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For me, freedom of children, husband, noise, needs, and more does not happen regularly. We homeschool in this house. And I wouldn't trade it for the world. Okay, catch me on a really bad day and I may begin talking with you in depth about private school. But when push comes to shove, I just can't give it up. I love being with my boys. I see the fruit of teaching them at home. I see their confidence in who God created them to be growing day by day. No matter how tired, how exhausted, how run down I may feel it would literally take an act from God for me to stop homeschooling.

Of course, my third little boy is not of homeschooling age. He is, however, at the age where he feels the need to make sure I am aware of his presence .... all. the. time. Si-guy will make himself known to me in many ways. Yelling. Screaming. Crying. Tugging on my pant leg. Tantrums. Surely, its not possible for me to have another strong willed child, for baby number 3, right? Wrong.... It's in the blood, I tell ya.

Regardless, I had a doctors appointment this morning. My husband was home, due to his rotating shift, and I was able to go to the appointment ALL BY MYSELF! Can I hear a "woot, woot?" I got in the car, popped my little ear piece in and made a few calls. Then I sat in the waiting room and answered the bazillion questions they give you when you start at a new practice. But, I answered them without being interrupted! It was lovely. I finished my appointment, complete with blood work, all without being questioned by a child.

Afterwards, I had to stop at a grocery store. Since Wegmans was practically next door, I swung over there. If you don't have a Wegmans around, you are missing out. Now, I am a frugal shopper. No choice on that one in our family. Wegmans is a high end spa-like grocery store. I looooove it there. My pocket book isn't as in love.

But without any kids, I made the wise choice to order a mocha latte - dark and went in search for a few items.

It was in the meat aisle, that I realized my level of giddiness. Here I am all excited as I am perusing chicken roasters for a clearance deal of 2.50 cents (total). And it occurs to me, my excitement isn't over the poultry steal, it was because I actually was able to make a decision without an entourage trailing behind me asking me a million questions.

Clearly, I need to get out of the house, on my own a little more often.

Obviously, I am in need of even just an hour or so to myself every once in awhile.

Since, these sort of times are few and far between for me, I'll relish the moments when I can. Good news, however, I have another doctors appointment in about 2 weeks. Hubs will be home to watch the kids. I CAN'T wait!!!


  1. Hope everything is okay, in light of the dual dr. appts.... But yeah, I hear ya on the ALONE thing. Even with two "built-in" babysitters here at The Gang's house, it rarely happens that I can slow down enough to ENJOY the alone time. For me, grocery shopping doesn't count anymore - it's like a part-time job to go in, focus, save, and keep my sanity for one trip. But I hear ya. I hear ya.

    And wow: $2.50 for a roaster? SNATCH those babies up. Mmmm, roasted chicken with all the fixin's on a cold winter day? Not much better than that, my girl. Especially if you put it with home-made bread and a little gravy on the side :)

    Love ya. Love the new look here. Hugs to you and your BOYZZZZZ!

  2. Ah, alone time, how I love you! I can totally relate (well, maybe not totally since I'm only escaping from one child, not three).

  3. Your so funny! But, I can definitely relate!