Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Do you daydream? Window shop?

I had a girl who lived with me once. She talked about how she could daydream. I never, ever could get the concept down. For the life of me, I never could understand how someone could be doing dishes and be fictionalizing some sort of life. However, I'm thinking she probably has some really creative writing up her sleeve. Something that I am far from. Please, please do not ask me to write a creative book or come up with a bedtime story for the kiddos. I'm pretty sure that it is physically impossible for me to do such things.

Window shopping? Ugh... Hate. It. With. A. Passion. Do not send me out, tell me that I don't have a dime and have me stare at clothing, house goods, or whatever. What a waste of time... for me, that is.

What I can do, what I love to do, what I can't stop doing... is dreaming real life, I'm gonna do it, kind of dreams. Some may type cast people who dream as visionaries. I never saw myself as one. Still not quite sure if I am. But who cares...

I have some dreams peeps!

Like my reno house? It's gonna be a house where people from all over can come to be restored and rejuvenated, to be loved and ministered to.

My family? It's gonna have at least 5 kids in it... hopefully with different skin colors and genes!

Our finances? Is going to be at a place where we can freely and joyfully give at any moment!

Missions? I'm still gonna live in another country at some point, preferrably somewhere in the South American region. And I'm going to finally build and help others into healthy relationships with Christ!

Writing? Someday, I think I may write a book. Who knows what about, but I've got a desire, a dream of doing so.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. The dreams go deeper and are more defined. They include raising godly children into on fire adults! Taking dominion over our land and watching lives being restored. Affecting lives in deep and beautiful ways...

I have dreams, friends. Sometimes, I am reminded of them. My heart aches, my mind thinks I am crazy, and my heart holds out on to HOPE, that the dreams I have are actually all His. They will come to fruition! They will happen!

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  1. These are the kinds of dreams that I day dream about. Like when I'm washing the dishes or folding the laundry or any other task that's at hand. I'm with you on the real life dreams!