Saturday, February 12, 2011


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We all have our stories, our daily busyness, our family's way of doing things. Our home currently includes homeschooling, a rotating work shift, renovations, amidst 3 boys. For me, I appreciate a good respite.

I find peace and quiet in many ways. Time to myself at night when the kiddos are in bed and my husband is working late can be one way. A cup of tea and time to write really brings me some joy. However, since my move back to PA one of the biggest and sweetest ways I have found a respite is by spending time at my in laws.

I wish I could explain just how much I appreciate my in laws. They live out in the countryside, where it is quiet and calm. Around their house are trees that are older then all of us combined. Hanging by windows, off trees, and near the porch are birdhouses, feeders, bells, and suet.

When the kids come, they run off and play in the woods or sled down a hill or two. They make paper airplanes, eat their fare share of junk food, and laugh heartily. When its bedtime, the kiddos will curl up in one of the bedrooms fully spoiled, with satisfied smiles on their faces. They've just spent some quality time with their special Pappy and Grandma.

I love walking into their home, I feel like levels of stress fall off at the doorstep. I laugh more easily, I sip good coffee, I watch HGTV and appreciate the natural surroundings. My mother in law dotes over all of my children, while my father in law can answer any fix it question out there (these days, we tend to have a TON of them).

Generally within the hour of our arrival, my brother in law comes driving up the lane in his big truck. He and his wife come in, they get down on my boys level, talking with them, laughing with them and just plain loving them. If I am lucky, I'll pester him with questions about my impending garden or one of our house projects. Usually he shakes his head at me and gives me his view on it all.

This is where I find rest. This is where I find a break from daily life. I never leave empty handed or disappointed. Instead, I leave with unending thankfulness and a true lesson in how I want to be when I am a grandparent someday.

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