Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Building That Wall

Build the wall that is in front of you.....

I was listening to this podcast through Bethel a few weeks ago and realized that my deep thinking, see it before its coming, passionate dreamer ways tend to get towards the forefront of my mind while I'm dealing with the daily life of our household.

Banning Liebscher, is the youth pastor at Bethel Church, in Redding, California. He was sharing how the Lord told him to build the wall that is in front of him, instead of constantly focusing on what lies ahead. He used the scriptures from Nehemiah to strengthen his message. Nehemiah instructed his troops, while rebuilding Jerusalem, to first build the wall in front of their houses.

Liebscher went on to share how important it was to do the job that was placed in front of us with excellence. He continued, by challenging those of us who struggle with the question of , "What if you are in a cubicle, doing a desk job, when you know your destiny includes missions work or preaching the gospel?"

When we moved to North Carolina, my heart was on fire for the Lord and for missions. I wanted to get out there and start loving on some people, helping them, sharing the gospel with them and participating in changing the world. That is part of my destiny.

When we heard God say now is not the time, but that we were to focus on our family and plant roots, I agreed with Him in theory and in obedience. My children had captured my heart and I want to see them into the kingdom. They are first on my "list" of what I am to do with my life.

However, there are many days that I am wiping noses and butts, teaching long division and how to read, washing dishes and laundry, where I wonder, "what in the world am I doing? And will we ever, ever do what God has put on my heart?"

Those are the days that I have to remind myself to focus and build the wall that is in front of me. Don't worry about the rest of the wall, how it is going to be built, when it is going to be built, what it will look like and if it will ever get completed. For me, I need to embrace right where I am at and find joy in it. For when I embrace my life, each day for what it is, then I tend be more passionate and better at my job.

Oh and by the way, focusing on building the wall in front of you, means not worrying about your neighbors wall and what they are doing with it. Whew.... that always gets me. Especially when many of my friends are all over the world doing missions work in the countries I want to be in.

Today add another brick to your wall in front of you. Whether that means selling another item on craigslist for your adoption fund, homeschooling your kiddos, feeding the poor in Peru, teaching 7 year olds in Holland, or working in a cubicle as an IT guy, do your job with integrity and joy today! Be proud of what you are accomplishing in His kingdom.


  1. Yay! Great post. And so timely.

    Love you girl!

  2. In fact, so timely, so great, that I shared it. And will be sending it to my Moms' Group at church. Really. It's that good. Gonna have to try and make some time for that podcast tho - I'm swamped before and after nap times :)